Everyone has a vice. Or, two. We all have something we reach for during those stressful, weaker moments. These vices satisfy us for a short period of time. They temporarily help us escape life and bring us to a happier place, but they can lead to stress, weight gain and fatigue in the long term. What’s your vice? Is it mint chocolate chip ice cream, a cold beer, an ex-boyfriend?

No matter what habits or cravings you possess, there are ways to gradually transform them into healthier ones. This doesn’t mean you can’t grab for that occasional scoop of ice cream. We’re not perfect and shouldn’t expect ourselves to be. It’s about developing a good balance in your life. A balance between diet and lifestyle choices that works specifically for you. No one diet works for everyone.

As your Health Coach, I will work with you on these methods while supporting you every step of the way. Together, we will determine the cause of your cravings, weight gain, stress, fatigue, etc. We will focus on increasing healthy diet and lifestyle habits, which will crowd out the ones that cause imbalance. Through this process, you will find your healthy vices and feel your best.

What’s your healthy vice? Mine is dark chocolate.

I invite you to my FREE consultation where we can start your journey to health and happiness.