5 Tips for Transforming your Vices into Healthy Vices

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Everyone has a vice. Or, two. We all have things we reach for during those tougher, more stressful moments. These vices are always reliable and guarantee immediate pleasure. Most people think they need to give up these delicious foods in order to be healthy. And, assuming severe deprivation is inevitable, health seekers become discouraged from taking that first step.

Well, the good news is that depriving yourself is not required for optimal health. It’s all about just finding healthier versions of your favorite foods, or your healthy vices. This is the KEY.

So, below are the steps for transforming your vices into healthy ones.

1) Recognize your vices

Knowing your vices is an important part of “healthifying” them. By taking note of these foods, you create the perfect starting point for a healthier diet and lifestyle. So, make a list of vices that take you to a happy place. It could be those uber salty potato chips or those incredibly addicting Reese’s peanut butter cups.

2) Do your research

Endless nutrition information is available online these days. By searching the internet, you can learn about the most nutrient-dense foods, which brands only use organic, unprocessed ingredients, etc. So, if you want to find a healthier brand of peanut butter cups, just Google it.

3) Get support from a Health Coach

Initiating any sort of diet or lifestyle change can be quite challenging. You may consider hiring a Health Coach, or other nutrition expert, to assist in navigating the complex world of health food. Also, having a good support system in place can help keep you accountable for your goals.

4) Slowly incorporate your new foods

In order for changes to stick, they should be added in slowly. If you’re swapping 10 foods at once, there’s a good chance the changes won’t last. Making small tweaks over time is the best way to create lasting change. So, try switching just two to three items a week.

5) Enjoy your healthy vices

Now that you’ve substituted your go-to vices for healthier versions, feel free to really savor them. Eat them mindfully and appreciate their taste, smell, texture, etc. In addition to enjoying your food more, your cravings will decrease and you’ll fill up on less food.

Overall, you don’t need to give up your vices to be healthy. So many food options exist that are satisfying AND good for you. It’s just a matter of discovering the right ones and including them into your diet and life.

What are your healthy vices??

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