After trying so many methods to lose weight and get healthy, I discovered Amy and Healthy Vices. Since working with Amy, I have become a healthier and happier person. I love Amy’s method of incorporating manageable and sustainable healthy changes into my lifestyle. She opened up a new world of food to me, and my relationship with food has never been better. Her tips and plan helped get me on the right track towards overall health and wellness, and I am so grateful! Thank you Amy!”


– Diane R., New York


I’ve been trying to figure out ways to lose weight and eat better for years, but it was always a struggle. I found Healthy Vices online and called Amy. I’m grateful every day that I made that call. Amy changed the way I think about food and was the driving force behind a lifestyle change that has made me healthier and happier. Amy’s health plan and oversight helped me lose 20 pounds in three months, but more importantly the plan she incorporated in my life is sustainable and enjoyable. I never knew how many better foods were out there that can meet nutritional needs and taste great. Amy introduced me to new vegetables, smoothies, grains and even sweets. I enjoy trips to the market now and spend time reading labels. I feel so great and I owe that to Amy.”


– Matt S., New York


Amy has been such a great addition to my life! While I had ideas of what I wanted to do when I started working with Amy, she was able to help crystalize my thoughts and put them into action. Amy shows a great balance of educating and letting her opinions known, while ultimately letting the client guide the sessions. She first focuses on what’s on my mind and always makes time to talk through issues in detail. Then, she incorporates useful action steps to help me reach my health goals. Amy is patient, responsive, caring and a great listener.”


– David K., New York


Amy is an expert in the field of nutrition and wellness. I initially met with her because my life felt unmanageable and my health was starting to suffer because of it. With a demanding job and hectic city lifestyle, I am always on the go leaving little time to grocery shop, cook or sleep for that matter. Amy taught me how to prepare and plan ahead so that I have healthy food available during the week, as well as how to make simple diet modifications to ensure that my body is getting the proper nutrition that it needs. She also taught me how to incorporate meditation into my daily routine which has played a key role in helping me manage stress and sleep at night. I feel a million times better and have more energy than I’ve had in years. I can’t thank Amy enough!”


Whitney G., New York


I started seeing Amy because I wanted to focus on maintaining a healthier diet and lifestyle in the midst of a hectic schedule. Amy gave me practical suggestions that were not just easy to incorporate into my life, but also were effective. Amy’s holistic and informed approach to health and wellness provided for longer lasting results and allowed me to focus on my mind and body. I was especially impressed with Amy’s follow-up after our meetings — she was very responsive to my questions, provided me with a lot of useful information and held me accountable. Simply put, Amy is a great sounding board and motivator!”


– Jessica H., New York


I’ve been trying to figure out how to get healthier food in my apartment. I go out for dinner most nights, but I wanted to start making some healthy meals at home. I came across Amy’s supermarket tour and realized that was exactly what I needed. Amy showed me around Whole Foods and introduced me to tons of healthy, new foods. I’m now all stocked up and know what to look for next time. Amy was patient, supportive and very knowledgeable when it came to navigating the store.”


– Brett G., New York


So much gratitude to Amy, health coach extraordinaire, for giving me guidance and support that has led me to feel the best I have in years!! After a long butt kicking from my allergies, prompted by pregnancy and nursing, I was starting to doubt if I would ever feel well again. Thank you Amy!!”


– Jamie C., San Francisco